Starting 2019, LEVACO Chemicals unveils new names for our business units.

Wednesday, 2. January 2019

We invite you to take a closer look at Agro Solutions, Coating Solutions, Fibre Solutions, and Chemical Solutions & Contract Manufacturing links within our website.

Agro Solutions

We focus on delivering products of high quality based on sustainability and innovation. Our portfolio includes dispersants, emulsifiers, wetting agents and anti-foams, manufactured on-site in Leverkusen. We have in-depth knowledge of the development, production, and application of additives and adjuvants in various agrochemical formulation types.

Coating Solutions

We produce a variety of additives for paints, varnishes, dyes, coatings, and inks.
Our product range includes a range of non-ionic and anionic wetting and dispersing agents for the use in aqueous, solvent-based and universal systems. We also offer defoamers and deaerators based on natural oils, mineral oil and silicones as well as oil-free products, rheological additives based on polyurethane, antistatics and adhesion improvers, flash rust inhibitors, and functional monomers.

Fibre Solutions

We offer more than just chemicals for the man-made fibre industry. We offer new innovative spin finishes, advancements in process chemicals and the optimization of production processes. Our team of experts works in close cooperation with customers and partners in finding tailor-made solutions to their specific needs.

Chemical Solutions & Contract Manufacturing

Our knowledge of chemical technical production process, in combination with our well-equipped production facility, gives us the opportunity to manufacture products for third parties according to their product specifications. At the same time, our experienced and competent team can jointly develop new products with our customers. From the inception of the new product onto the production, our team is there for the entire process. We welcome the challenge!

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