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Thursday, 4. February 2021

Less pesticides, fungicides, herbicides in the B2C business

LUCROP® BAN - hardly any other product has been the subject of conversation and cause for questions in the last few years. But what is the product all about, how does it differ from other products and why is it a starting signal for a new business area at LEVACO?


In the Agro Solutions business, LEVACO has always been producing for business partners, so-called B2B (Business to Business). LEVACO's products were sold to manufacturers of plant protection products - as an additive to formulating the end products. The manufacturers, in turn, sold the fully formulated pesticides to the end consumer: to farmers, agricultural cooperatives or home gardeners.


This is different with the LUCROP® product range. The tank mix additives from LEVACO are summarized under LUCROP. These are products that are put into the spray tank by the farmer himself shortly before application. These tank mix additives are then intended to improve the properties of the spray liquid so that fewer pesticides are required to achieve the same effect. The farmer can thus use his pesticides more sustainably and efficiently. What is new here is that LEVACO sells the products directly to the farmer, i.e. the end user. (B2C = Business to Consumer).

As the first product in this B2C category, LUCROP® BAN was developed to improve the adhesion of pesticides to damp banana leaves.

Banana leaf treated with LUCROP® Ban

LEVACO has adjusted to this new area and successfully mastered it. All guidelines, official registrations and country-specific features are professionally taken into account. And since the "new" customers are usually not chemists but "all-rounders", it is all the more important to convince the customers on site of the advantages of using LUCROP® BAN. This was very easy due to the visible effectiveness in comprehensible field tests. LUCROP® BAN is now an established product that is registered and sold in several Central American countries - and the trend is rising.

The LUCROP® product range

With the positive experience, very good customer feedback and extraordinary test results from LUCROP® BAN in the B2C area, LEVACO has now rolled out this B2C concept further. In the LEVACO development laboratories, a number of products have been formulated under the name LUCROP®, all of which have one thing in common: the improvement of effectiveness of the spray mixtures with different pesticides, fungicides and herbicides is improved.

Overview of the product range LUCROP ®

The advantages

  • Overall, fewer pesticides, fungicides or herbicides have to be used.
  • Higher sustainability - On the one hand, this increases the sustainability of the cultivation, since the soil structure is preserved in the long term.
  • Less exposure to harmful agents - In addition, the worker applying these spray mixtures will be less exposed to harmful agents.
  • Less costs - But it is also very convincing that the costs for the plantation owner can be lowered by reducing the consumption of active ingredients in the spray mixtures.

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