Product overview


LUCROP® BAN is a tank mix adjuvant, designed to increase the stability of spray mixes that may contain oil as well as to improve the rainfastness. It is used in tropical climate where spray residues are often washed off of the leaves or diluted by strong rainfall. LUCROP® BAN is a multifunctional adjuvant containing emulsifiers, wetting and retention agents, as well as sticker in one product. Initially, it was designed to help control the fungal disease “Black sigatoka’’ for banana crop protection. However, this adjuvant is also applicable with different pesticides and on other crops under similar climatic conditions.

LUCROP® WRF was developed to increase the general performance of spray mix applications and to accelerate the penetration of the active ingredients. It shows low phytotoxicity and is able to be used with fungicides, insecticides and in particular herbicides.

LUCROP® WRF ULTRA is a complex blend of surfactants and additives, securing and improving the overall performance of pesticide sprays. The adjuvant contains stabilizers, humectants, wetting agents and penetration enhancers to optimize the bioefficacy of pesticides. It is compatible with a wide range of crop protection agents and applicable on most crops. Its composition is based on biodegradable ingredients which minimize the ecological impact.

LUCROP® HPP belongs to the family of LUCROP® WRF ULTRA with the same main function as an activator agent. It is adjusted to also suit the spray applications UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

LUCROP® SWEP combines a super spreading function with an excellent activation effect, resulting in a tank mix adjuvant which leads to a superior coverage of the target leaf surface and optimizes the bioefficacy of pesticides. The tank mix proves its skills particularly well on crops with strong hydrophobic leaf surfaces. It is able to be used with herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

LUCROP® ADA is a special adjuvant designed to improve the drift control of pesticide sprays as well as the retention on the target leaves. By reducing the loss due to wind and run-off, the adjuvant minimizes the environmental impact of pesticides and increases the economic benefits. Additionally, it is based on renewable and biodegradable components.

LUCROP® SURF 1 is a potent wetting agent which ensures an even spreading on the targeted leaf. It also increases the rainfastness of the spray and enhances the uptake of active ingredients, especially herbicides and insecticides.