About us

About us

At LEVACO Agro-Solutions - the agrochemicals department of LEVACO - our team works daily to develop innovative solutions for farmers facing various challenges in pest control.

These challenges include the chemical nature of different crop protection products and formulations, leading to instabilities in the spray mixture. The spray process itself can cause issues such as spray drift or nozzle blocking. In addition, extreme weather conditions result in less satisfying and efficient treatments with crop protection products.

The introduction of new technologies in farming, like drone application, also poses challenges to the performance of the pesticide formulations.

At LEVACO Agro-Solutions, we understand these problems and needs. We optimize the performance of the tank mixtures by providing matching adjuvants. Our tank mix adjuvants make the application easier, increase the effectiveness of the spray process and the bio efficacy of the crop protection products.

Once, we started with a distinct problem-solver in banana growing, where pest control is crucial for fighting a threatening fungus.

Now, we continuously develop new and specialized tank mix additives under the name LUCROP®, aiming to improve spray mixtures for farmers cultivating various types of crops worldwide.