LUCROP® SRF is an innovative adjuvant composed of biodegradable ingredients and is completely free of microplastics. The combination of film-forming, rainfastness, and adhesion properties in LUCROP® SRF creates a product that stands out for its exceptional performance in agriculture. This all-in-one solution simplifies application and enhances overall effectiveness, making it a versatile and convenient choice for various agricultural practices. LUCROP® SRF can be used as an in-can or tank-mix adjuvant.


  • Is eco-friendly, made from bio-derived polymers and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Acts as protective film over the target surface.
  • Boosts adhesion by modifying droplets to be inelastic, reducing bounce-off and run-off on leaves.

The rainfastness properties were tested on banana leaves and visualized using a fluorescent dye. An aqueous solution containing of 0.05% LUCROP® SRF + 0.05% fluorescent sodium was prepared and sprayed onto the leaf. Subsequently, it was allowed to air dry for 24 hours to adhere to the leaf. Then, the remaining droplets were washed off with water. Reference measurements were performed using water.

The photos illustrate the water rinsing after 10 and 40 spray applications:

It is evident that water droplets are more easily washed away compared to those containing LUCROP® SRF. Even after rinsing with 40 spray applications, more than 50% of the droplets remain on the leaf. The results demonstrate that LUCROP® SRF exhibits high rainfastness properties.