LUCROP® ADA is a tank mix adjuvant specifically formulated for foliar crop protection product spray applications, aiming to enhance drift control and increase retention and rainfastness. When mixed with water, LUCROP® ADA increases the viscosity of the spray mixture at low shear rates, reducing dripping off the leaf without any harmful effects on pumping or spraying.


  • Is based on renewable & biodegradable components.
  • Optimizes drift-control at spraying.
  • Reduces run-off & bounce-off of foliar surfaces.
  • Is compatible with most crop protection products (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, etc.).
  • Is suitable for the use with many formulation types (EC, SC, OD, etc.).

Physico-chemical characteristics:

Dilution time of 0.1% LUCROP® ADA in water: LUCROP® ADA completely homogenizes in water within 10min.

Viscosity profile of 0.1% LUCROP® ADA

Drift profile of 0.1% LUCROP® ADA: Drift of spray at 4 m/s wind speed

Sprays with LUCROP® ADA show a higher drift - control. Additionally, the bounce-off and run-off are reduced