LUCROP® BAN is the most innovative multifunctional adjuvant for banana crop protection. In the climatic conditions where bananas grow, heavy rainfall frequently dilutes or washes off the residues of the crop protection products from the leaves. This dilution influences the effectiveness of the spray application, leading to a significant reduction in disease control, for example in the case of Black sigatoka.

Therefore, incorporating a tank mix adjuvant into the final formulation leads to an enhanced overall performance.

LUCROP® BAN combines the properties as emulsifier, wetting and retention agent and sticker in one product.


  • Improves the emulsion stability of the final tank mix.
  • Enhances the drift control.
  • Provides the retention on dry and wet banana leaves.
  • Reduces the wash-off of sprayed fungicides.
  • Enhances the adsorption on banana leaves.
  • Maximizes the bio efficacy of sprayed fungicide formulation.

Biological efficacy: Single leaf trial

Single leaf trials were conducted to evaluate the performance of LUCROP® BAN in disease control. For this purpose, fungicide spray mixtures containing LUCROP® BAN or reference emulsifiers were applied to banana leaves.

A lower infection level by Black sigatoka and a higher rate of disease control were observed on leaves treated with LUCROP® BAN in the spray mixtures.

Results of single leaf treatment with Volley® (OL formulation) combined with LUCROP® BAN in comparison to a reference emulsifier:

Black sigatoka disease control after two months of active ingredient treatment (single leaf) using 1% v/v tank mix adjuvant:

LUCROP® BAN exhibits multifunctional benefits in tank mix and spray application. It preserves the stability of spray mixtures and maintains a homogeneous distribution of crop protection products. The impact of unfavorable climatic conditions is reduced by LUCROP® BAN, enhancing drift control and promoting increased adhesion of spray mixtures to wet plant surfaces.

Biological studies on crop protection products in combination with LUCROP® BAN show a significant reduction in infections caused by Black sigatoka.

Overall, LUCROP® BAN optimizes the spray application in various ways for successful disease control.