LUCROP® BAN is the most innovative multifunctional adjuvant for banana crop protection. In the climate conditions where bananas grow, strong rainfall often dilutes or washes off the pesticide residues from the leaves. This causes the spray application to be less effective and the disease control of Black sigatoka to be seriously diminished. Therefore, it is helpful to add a tank mix adjuvant to the final formulation to improve the performance.

LUCROP® BAN is an emulsifier, wetting and retention agent and sticker in one product.


  • Improving the emulsion stability of the final tank mix
  • Enhancing the drift control
  • Providing the retention on dry and wet banana leaves
  • Reducing the wash-off of sprayed fungicides
  • Enhancing the adsorption on banana leaves
  • Maximizing the bioefficacy of sprayed fungicide formulation
  • Spray result on wet banana leaf (laboratory spray trial, spray mixture with LUCROP® BAN)
  • Spray result on wet banana leaf (laboratory spray trial, spray mixture with Reference Tank Mix Additive)
  • Spray result on wet banana leaf (field trial)

Biological efficacy: Single leaf trial

Single leaf trials were conducted to test the performance of LUCROP® BAN toward the disease control. Thereto fungicide spray mixtures containing LUCROP® BAN or reference emulsifiers were applied on banana leaves.

A lower infection level by Black sigatoka and a higher rate of disease control were observed on leaves using LUCROP® BAN in spray mixtures.

Results of single leaf treatment with Volley (OL formulation) combined with LUCROP® BAN in comparison to a reference emulsifier:

Black sigatoka disease control after two months of pesticide treatment (single leaf) using 1% v/v tank mix additive:

LUCROP® BAN shows multifunctional benefits in tank mix and spray application. The stability of spray mixtures is preserved and a homogeneous distribution of pesticide is maintained.

The influence of unfavorable climatic conditions is reduced by LUCROP® BAN.

It improves drift control and increases adhesion of spray mixtures on wet plant surfaces.

Biological studies of pesticides in combination with LUCROP® BAN show significant reduction of infections by Black sigatoka.

Overall, LUCROP® BAN optimizes the spray application in many ways for successful disease control.