LUCROP® SWET is a silicone-free and low-foaming wetting agent designed for the rapid and efficient humidification of dry and hydrophobic soil. Its chemical composition allows it to persist in the soil for an extended duration, preventing immediate wash-out. Consequently, it facilitates the re-wetting of the soil through multiple cycles of drying and humidification.

LUCROP® SWET exhibits good soil persistency, resulting in minimal wash-out. Remarkably, it remains effective even at low concentrations (0.5 g/L). Its versatility extends to various soil types.

The amount of retained water in dry soil is increased by the addition of LUCROP® SWET. It stays active over multiple washing cycles. Detailed method description upon request available.


  • Significantly increases the amount of retained water in dry soil.
  • Persists over several cycles of wash-off.
  • Works well at low concentrations.
  • Is applicable to various soil types.
  • Silicone and NP (nonylphenol) free.